OTC Products​​

Can be dispensed without physician’s prescription.

Urinary Tract Analgesic​

Azomond (Analgesics)      10 film coated tablets in a blister in a carton package

Analgesic & Antipyretic

Diafen mond (Analgesics)      Glass bottle of 100 mL in carton package.


Levocizal (Antihistamine)      Tablets​

For Heartburn

Mondeprazole 20 (Proton pumps inhibitors)      Capsules​

lansova mond 15 (Proton pumps inhibitors)      Capsules​

Ranitidina ABC (Antiacids)      Tablets​

For Nasal Contestant

Nasofrine (-)      Nasal Spray​

For Ear Wax Impaction​

Oticlean (-)      Ear Drop​

For Dry Eye​

tearmond redeye (Artificial Tears)      15 mL dropper bottle in carton package