Our vision and Philosophy​

Diamond Pharma aims to widen the access to healthcare system and enhance its position in the pharmaceutical industry by focusing on:​

  • Individuals:​
    We invest in people. We, In Diamond Pharma, believe people are the most important asset, that’s why we intend to attract more experts and talented individuals to support our team.  We believe people are the core of the industrial and technical expertise.​
  • Products:
    Diamond Pharma is looking forward to broadening its assortment of high quality, affordable medications; and expanding into new therapeutic categories and packaging lines. In addition, we invest in the latest technologies and improve processes in all aspects of our business.  ​
  • Expansion:​
    Diamond Pharma’s goal is to widen its regional expansion through partnerships built on mutual agreement and respect for quality.

Diamond Pharma was built with a deeply-rooted philosophy focused on the long term:​

  • Total quality:
    Diamond Pharma’s commitment to high quality is shown by applying integrated strategies in all aspects of its work.  Quality is at top in facilities, technology, materials, products, and most importantly people. That’s why respect, teamwork, integrity, and appreciation are priorities at Diamond Pharma’s environment.​
  • Ethics and values:
    Commitment and transparency  are essential values for Diamond Pharma. Since Pharmaceuticals are our specialty, It’s our responsibility to contribute to provide quality healthcare to all.​
    Awareness about environmental sustainability is another part of Diamond Pharma’s appreciation of life. We shall take all possible measures that help protecting natural resources.​
    Occupational health and safety: nothing more valuable than human welfare. Diamond Pharma emphasizes the importance of safe and healthful working conditions in every task we do by setting and applying relating standards.​